Ekota 2023 Summer Cricketing Camps Programme

Summer 2023 brought energy to Ekota Academy as we proudly hosted our much-anticipated summer camps. The active days were filled with laughter, excitement, and a contagious spirit of fun. We are delighted to share the incredible success of our summer camp, which was made possible through the generous support of the School Out Get Active (SOGA) programme, funded by Barking & Dagenham, and the MegaMix Programme, funded by Vision Redbridge.

Ekota Academy Arranges Summer Camp 2023 

This summer, from July through to the end of August, children aged 5-16 joined us for a memorable experience filled with outdoor cricket and fitness activities. The turnout was incredible, and the enthusiasm of our young participants was inspiring.


Our dedicated coaches worked tirelessly to create a safe and engaging environment where children could develop their athletic skills and build friendships and a deeper sense of community. Our participants grew physically and socially through teamwork, sportsmanship, and shared experiences.


We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who generously offered their time and expertise to make this summer camp a resounding success. Your dedication to the betterment of our community shines brightly, and we are immensely grateful for your contributions.


A special thank you goes out to our young athletes whose passion and zest for learning made every day of the summer camp an adventure. Your commitment to personal growth and sportsmanship was evident in every practice and game.


Last but certainly not least, we sincerely thank the funders who made this summer camp possible. The School Out Get Active (SOGA) programme funded by Barking & Dagenham and the MegaMix Programme funded by Vision Redbridge has provided invaluable support, enabling us to offer this enriching experience to our youth.


As we reflect on the memories created and the bonds forged during this summer camp, we look forward to continuing our mission of fostering health, well-being, and equality within our community. We have shown that when we come together with purpose and dedication, we can achieve extraordinary outcomes.


Once again, thank you to everyone who made this summer camp a resounding success. Your unwavering support is the driving force behind Ekota Academy’s mission.

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