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Population Health and Tackling Inequalities

The work of Ekota aims to contribute to tackling health inequalities that exist in our local communities. Covid-19 has exacerbated existing challenges, which makes our work harder but even more important. The people and groups we work with face some of the greatest social and economic challenges, with higher rates of deprivation and poorer health outcomes from birth and throughout their lives. Our work involves partnership working, prevention, community integration and networks, individual and group development opportunities, physical health and mental well-being interventions, encouraging behaviour changes, providing virtual and physical community space and delivering engagement mechanisms, all of which are at the heart of successful population health improvement. 

We believe that Ekota can only be successful through working in partnership with individuals within our communities, other voluntary organisations, health and social care providers, local authorities, national sporting organisations and a wide range of other stakeholders. This is why we consider our work as being part of a wider social movement and framework in which we unite, take action and maximise resources working towards change and the betterment of our communities. There is a range of work taking place and planned in regard to delivering population health approaches and tackling health inequalities, and we at Ekota are a key champion of this work. Do get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about our work or want to work with us. 

Summer Camps

Ekota has delivered a range of successful Easter and Summer Camps aimed at keeping young people engaged and active during the holiday period.

The Ekota Hub and Cafe in Goodmayes Park

Ekota has worked with Redbridge Council, England Cricket Board and Vision to develop a community hub and cafe to support grassroots sports in Goodmayes Park. We are the leaseholder of the Goodmayes Park Pavilion and have developed the premises with our community cafe, the Emerald Cafe, opening in January 2022. Ekota is also responsible for managing a part of the Goodmayes Park grounds, including seasonal cricket activities and maximising the use of park space. This will provide opportunities for us to further bring communities together and expand our work to new levels of impact and success. Click on this link to find out more.

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This is a chance to be a part of a social movement working with an experienced and passionate team. Become a volunteer today and gain new skills, meet new people, support and give back to your local community. Our opportunities can also help those individuals seeking paid employment to build up their confidence and skills. You must be 16 years and above with no criminal convictions. All volunteers will be required to complete a DBS check. You will receive a range of relevant training and support to deliver your role.

Volunteer Recruitment

All our volunteers will have to go through a process of recruitment and checks will be undertaken. If you are interested in volunteering with the club please complete the Ekota volunteer application and email it to contact@ekotaacademy.com.